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Whole Body Vibration Exercise Programs

Research shows standing on the platform of a Whole Body Vibration machine has great benefits, but even better outcomes can be achieved by optimising the variables under your control - such as frequency, amplitude, time, and body-position. And by performing specific exercises you can multiply the benefits to achieve truly exceptional results.

For Health Professionals, Gym Instructors and Home Users

At VIBO we provide Whole Body Vibration users with the information required to gain better performance out of their machines, whether a

We offer training modules, online or via coursework, we offer specific exercise programs and we offer business tools for those seeking to fully-utilise their machine within their work.

Developed by Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists

From the knowledge and extensive experience of our expert physiotherapists and exercise physiologists we have developed exceptional programs to help you achieve better outcomes from your Whole Body Vibration machine.

Learn how to take your Whole Body Vibration machine out of second gear and truly realise the benefits available to you.

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Physiotherapists have been using short-term vibration in varying forms for many years. At low frequencies vibration can be used to relax muscles - indeed, in the past physiotherapists have put children with spasticity (high muscle tone) onto washing machines to help break the muscle spasm. Whilst at high frequencies physiotherapists use vibration to 'wake up' a muscle or to stimulate it.

Advances in technology have produced exciting new options in vibration therapy. Full size, standing platforms are now allowing whole body vibration strategies to produce more effective exercise programs.

Health Professionals, Gym Instructors and Personal Users are using vibration therapy to produce significant exercise benefits, including

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Bone strengthening
  • Get up and go time
  • Falls prevention
  • Metabolic advantages
  • Neurological conditions
  • and more...
If you are new to Whole Body Vibration and want more information about its many benefits we suggest you start by


WBV Training Course

A fantastic opportunity for health professionals, gym instructors, sales agents and committed users to develop their Whole Body Vibration knowledge and training skills from Australia's leading WBV experts.

In this full day course, participants will receive our online training e-modules 1, 2 & 3 (value $225) plus incredible knowledge, exercises and programming strategies.

NEW Complete Training Course Now Available on DVD 3-SET

Future Course Dates Announced Soon

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and feel confident now with regards to whole body vibration. You made learning fun, it was great, thank you." Rachel Maslin

"Thank you so much for the course - I really enjoyed it! (And have already been enjoying new workouts I've put together from the exercises you demonstrated.) I found the course really helpful and feel much more confident." Ami Goldberg

"The training was a fantastic balance between theory and practical. I truly appreciate much more the potential of the machine. The style of teaching was very professional and also very approachable." Gloria Khoury

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