Business Tools for Gymnasiums

If you are new to Whole Body Vibration there are a number of significant business decisions to make prior to purchasing a machine. Decisions made in haste and without due diligence can lead to big problems later on. Everyone needs the right information to make the right decsions. We've learnt a lot from our experiences and have made all of this information available to you. Save yourself hours of research and a lot of expensive mistakes. Download our expert advice right now and make the right decision.

And once you have a machine their are some great resources available to help you maximise your opportunities. Check them out!

What to Look For in a WBV Machine for a Business- $29.50
  • Purchasing a WBV Machine is a significant cost, so ensuring you buy the right machine is essential for long term success. Price is important, but over the life of the machine consider other factors.
Strategies to Make Your WBV Machine a Financial Success- $85.00
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) provides a unique opportunity to significantly increase revenue stream. However, the machine won't do it on its own. Our tested business strategies will ensure success.
Warning Signs- $9.50
  • There are contraindications and dangers to WBV. Protect your clients, your staff and yourself with professionally designed warning signs. Simply print, laminate and stick them on the wall.
Exercise Record Sheet- $9.50
  • Take your clients step by step through their exercise program and then provide a reminder for next time. Our exercise record sheet provides a record of what has been done and what to do next.