Exercise Programs




Whole Body Vibration for Gymnasiums

Research has shown that a 15-minute whole body vibration workout will achieve strength gains equivalent to one hour of conventional training. The ability for users of the equipment to achieve a total strength, stretch and relaxation workout in such a short time is - in an environment where many users are 'time poor' - a unique and significant attribute of vibration training.

Exercise Instruction Skills

Learning how to prescribe exercises for a WBV machine can be challenging early on. Understanding the many variables and how to adjust them for optimal benefit is important for good outcomes.

With our training via down-loadable on-line modules or by attending our training courses, gym instructors can fast track their instruction skills.

Successful Business Integration

A Whole Body Vibration machine provides the opportunity for gyms to develop an additional arm to their business. Clients will seek you out to have programs developed for them.

More importanty WBV offers the opportunity for a passive income stream. Once a WBV exercise program has been developed and taught, clients can pay a fee to use the machine to practice independently. Then regular review ensures appropriate progression and development of the exercise program.

We have developed great resources to help gymnasium owners and fitness instructors to provide a beneficial and profitable service to their clients. The business tools page provides information on how to be successful, whilst the exercise programs are turn-key programs for immediate use.

"Vibration-based training will become the hot new fitness tool"

said James Thomson when forecasting the next big things in BRW magazine (Dec 14 2006 - Jan 10 2007). He went on to say,

"Users stand on a vibrating plate and perform exercises such as squats and abdominal curls. The vibrations trigger rapid muscle contractions, which means a harder work-out than on a static surface."

"Ten to 15 minutes on a vibration machine is said to be worth an hour in the gym..."

"... unlike many (fitness) machines, there are scientific studies to support their use."