Vigour Business Package

Seniors Strengthening Program

pdf document (30 pages, 10 exercises)

Document Summary

The Vigour Seniors Strengthening Program Business Package is a turn-key product to help you specifically target motivated seniors who wish to slow the declining effects so often experienced with aging.

Gym instructors, coaches, fitness trainers, exercise physiologists and sport scientists can all use this program to help their clients maintain their lifestyle. Health professionals can use the same program to broaden the range of services they provide their clients.

The Vigours Seniors Strengthening Program Business Package provides a ready built opportunity to target a hungry market for the use of your Whole Body Vibration Machine. With clear measurable goals, clear price and clear time-frame the Vigour Seniors Strengthening Program delivers exactly what it promises.

The target market for the Bounce Vertical Leap Program is 60 - 90 year olds, especially those that seek to maintain their independence and mobility. The relatively passive nature and short time frame of the program makes performance feel like a breeze.

Table of Contents

The Vigour Seniors Stengthening Program Franchise Package provides you with

  • A Review of the Scientific Literature
  • Procedure Manual
  • Specific Vigour exercises
  • Exercise Program and Record Sheet Master
  • One years listing on the Vigour website
This program is tried and tested and is producing great results for clients and great results for business.

Download the whole package right and have a turn-key program that offers a clear, specific and measurable benefit.

Once word gets around about the results you are achieving the clients that will come tumbling in.