Module Two

WBV Program Creation & Basic Exercises

pdf document (71 pages, 56 exercises) sample exercise

Document Summary

Part A - Program Creation
The Introductory Session would typically consist of 5-8 minutes of exercise time on the machine, where the client is introduced to different frequencies, amplitudes and movements. The exercises vary, depending upon the person's prior exercise knowledge and experience, their fitness levels, age, confidence, tolerance, mobility and personal goals. Initially, keep programs simple, prescribing static exercises, allowing the client to progress to more challenging exercises in the future. Each program should consist of three basic elements; warm-up, cool down or stretch and the working exercises. Clients are ultimately working toward unsupervised use of the machine so safety and set-up are crucial. Follow-up sessions are essential for continual improvement and ensuring the program is constantly challenging. Every 8-10 sessions is optimal for reassessing the program. This does not necessarily mean changing the exercises each time; it may include modifying technique, or increasing either the amplitude or the frequency that the exercises are being performed at. When all the elements are set correctly, the success of the program is inevitable

Part B - Basic Exercises
Fifty six detailed exercises, with images, demonstrate a full range of initial exercises that can be performed on the platform - exercises for strengthening the legs, arms and abdomen; flexibility & stretching; and balance. Each exercise has subheadings outlining the purpose, starting position, movement, body checks for accuracy and variations for progression. Multiple images are provided to facilitate correct performance.

Table of Contents

Part A - Program Creation
The Introductory Session
Preliminary Questions
Initial Machine Use
Potential Introductory Exercises
Concluding the Introductory Session
Compiling a Personal WBV Exercise Program
Teaching a WBV Exercise Program
Follow Up Sessions
Program Timing
Part B - Basic Exercises
Strengthening Lower Limbs (14 exercises)
Strengthening Abdominals (6 exercises)
Strengthening Upper Limbs (6 exercises)
Flexibility (20 exercises)
Muscle Tone & Skin Condition (3 exercises)
Balance (7 exercises)