Personal Users Guide to WBV (WBV3000 edition)

pdf document (26 pages, 8 exercises)

Document Summary

Part A - Introduction
Health Professionals have been using vibration in varying forms for many years. At low frequencies vibration can be used to relax muscles, whilst at high frequencies muscles are stimulated. Whole body vibration is implemented through the use of a vibrating platform on which exercises can be performed. The vibrations from the engines underneath the platform are transmitted to the person standing, sitting or lying on the machine. Different vibration platforms have different vibration characteristics. How vibration affects the body involves a number of reactions and systems. As the plate vibrates up and down, the body goes through relatively quick oscillations, when states of more or less gravity are alternately applied. As the plate accelerates upwards it creates a significant increase in gravitational loading for that moment.

Part B - Practical Whole Body Vibration
Before commencing on any training program all users must be aware of the potential dangers of whole body vibration. Side effects usually are a sign of too intensive or too long exercise, especially in untrained subjects. Special considerations for the elderly, diabetics and incontinence sufferers are required. Then to get the best results from your machine learn to manipulate the variables of frequency, amplitude, time, intensity, dampening, positioning and functionality.

Part C - The Introductory Sessions
A protocol for first time users is provided. Eight introductory exercises, with images, demonstrate a range of initial exercises that can be performed on the platform. Each exercise has subheadings outlining the purpose, starting position, movement, body checks for accuracy and variations for progression. Multiple images are provided to facilitate correct performance.

Table of Contents

Part A - Introduction
History of Whole Body Vibration
How Whole Body Vibration Works
Occupational Health and Safety
Side Effects
Types of Whole Body Vibration
Part B - Practical Whole Body Vibration
Cautions/Side Effects
The Elderly
Basic Training Instructions
Part C - The Early Sessions
Initial Machine Use
Suggested Introductory Exercises
Concluding the Introductory Session