WBV Training DVD 3-set

Six hours Whole Body Vibration Training on a 3 DVD set. Capturing the delivery of training modules 1, 2 & 3 as presented at a full day WBV training course by expert physiotherapist, Glenn Ruscoe. A permanent record for learning and review.


DVD One - Introduction to Whole Body Vibration

Gravity and health
How Whole Body Vibration works
Scientific evidence
Practical application - frequency, amplitude and time
Contraindications/precautions and side effects
DVD Two - Program Creation and Basic Exercises
Program creation
Basic strength, flexibility and balance exercises
Strength: Legs, Abdominals, Arms
Flexibility: Static hold stretches full body
Introduction to developing functional exercises
DVD Three - Program Development and Accessories
Exercise progression by using accessories
Increasing variety within program
Challenging strength and motor control