Module Three

Program Development & Accessories

pdf document (53 pages, 37 exercises) sample exercise

Document Summary

Part A - WBV Program Development
The use of accessories can significantly enhance the effect of a WBV exercise program. Accessories can increase intensity, add depth and dimension to the exercises, as well as provide greater challenges and interest to a program. Knowing the right time to progress clients can be difficult. Too early, and failure or dissatisfaction may occur. Too late and boredom sets in. When determining the right time to progress consider; the clients ease in finishing all exercises, the absence of muscle soreness during or after sessions, and the ability to maintain adequate technique and/or posture when performing the exercises. Module Three promotes the use of accessories increasing the variety and intensity of exercises. Some of which are progressions of exercises introduced in Module Two, but incorporating tools and accessories to further enhance the exercise

Part B - Exercise with Accessories
Thirty seven detailed exercises, with images, demonstrate many of the exercises available with accessories such as rollers, bolsters, mats, resistive bands or tubing, fit circles, fit balls and blocks. Each exercise has subheadings outlining the purpose, starting position, movement, body checks for accuracy and variations for progression. Multiple images are provided to facilitate correct performance.

Table of Contents

Part A - Program Development and Accessories
When to Progress Clients
Adding Accessories
Types of Accessories
Order of Exercises
Part B - Exercises with Accessories
Foam Roller/Bolster (2 exercises)
Resistive Band or Tubing (10 exercises)
Fit Ball (6 exercises)
Disc-o-sit (3 exercises)
Free Weights (6 exercises)
Foam Disc/Mat (1 exercise)
Small Block (1 exercise)
Exercise Mat (2 exercise)
Long Box (2 exercises)
Fit Circle (4 exercises)