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Which Machine?

Since the first commercialisation of Whole Body Vibration in 1989 there have been a plethora of manufacturers producing WBV platforms. The price range, the specifications and the claims vary widely across the spectrum of machines available to consumers.

At VIBO we have a very clear idea of the features of the ideal WBV machine and what to look for when purchasing this investment. You can download our report right now to save yourself hours of research and thousands of dollars.

But even when you have done your homework, some manufacturers are not accurately reporting their machine's specifications, making it all the more difficult to compare.

Below is information from an independent engineering report regarding the performance of a number of machines currently on the market.

OTO WBV 3000
Low speed - 3.51Hz
High speed - 10.97Hz

Health Station JM-B 1258D
Low speed - 4.37Hz
High speed - 10.73 Hz

Amazing Super Vibro-Trainer AJ202
Low speed - 1.83Hz
High speed - 13.50 Hz

HyperVibe Performance
Low speed - 7.07Hz
High speed - 27.70 Hz

The report presents the values of independent testing conducted at the SigmaMSc office at Murarrie, Brisbane Queensland on Friday 7 August 2009. The units were set-up on a flat concrete surface and operated without loading. Each machine was operated at their lowest possible speed and their highest possible speed.


A new independent vibration test report of 17 different WBV machines, conducted on 13th September 2010, is now available. To download and read the full report (5MB, pdf file) click here.